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Title: World Water Day Report VNR 2019
Description: VNR
7s - 22s: GVs, dry / drought landscape (Mali)
23s - 29s: Child washing face with water (Ethiopia)
30s - 60s: woman pounding maize (Ethiopia)
1.01 - 1.40s: women collecting water from river (Ethiopia)
1.40s-1.45s: GV of house, California (USA)
1.46s - 2.38s: Interview case study, Aaron (California, USA)
2.45s —2.57s : American family making breakfast, frying bacon rashers, poaching eggs.
2.59s- 3.30s : Man watering garden with hose (California, USA)
3.49s - 4.00s: Woman carrying water (Ghana)
4.01s - 4.30s: Woman collecting water from a dirty water source (Bangladesh)
4.31s - 5.06s : Women working in the field in India
5.07s - 5.24s: Yogita (Case study) washing dish India, Yogita pumping water.
Credit: WaterAid
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Country/Region: Bangladesh , Ethiopia , Ghana , India , Mali , United States
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