01:00:05:07 - 01:00:55:05: B roll footage from Madagascar – examples of poor sanitation December 2012

01:00:55:16 – 01:01:27:22: B roll footage from Madagascar – good hygiene and sanitation facilities December 2012

01:01:34:10 - Yael Velleman, Senior Policy Analyst, Sanitation and Health: July 2014

Infection in early childhood can affect health in later life. It can effect whether or not children are sick but whether or not their brains or their bodies develop. That effects their educational. That affects their educational attainable and affects their later life chances.

01:01:56:12 – 01:02:24:15: B roll footage from Tanzania – examples of good sanitation and hygiene facilities August 2014. Tippy taps November 2011

01:02:24:23 – 01:03:06:24: B roll footage from Bangladesh - examples of poor sanitation 2012

01:03:06:24 – 01:03:44:18: B roll footage from Bangladesh – construction of sanitation facilities July 2014

01:03:44:18 – 01:04:38:06: B roll footage from Timor Leste – examples of good WASH facilities 2014

01:04:41:05 - Denis Armindo, General Technical Officer, Macua Health Centre, Niassa, Mozambique: July 2014

Generally its children from zero to five years old who are affected most by diarrhoea. These are the most frequent cases I see at this health centre.

01:04:56:06 – 01:05:24:16: B roll footage of Denis Armindo at Macua Health Centre, Niassa, Mozambique
Weighing baby & speaking to mother
Carrying out paper work