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Caption:"Chores are less tiring now but before apart from fetching water for our family, we had to go to the river, late in the evening and very early in the morning too to have a shower as a girl. Before, sometimes when I was too tired I went straight to bed without having a shower but now things are different for me and for the other girls in our village as water is nearby." Baholy, 14 playing with water nearby their water point in Beanamamy village, Bevato commune, Tsiroanomandidy district, Bongolava region, Madagascar, October 2018.
Credit:WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala
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Key Information:Location: Beanamamy village, Bevato commune, Tsiroanomandidy district, Bongolava region, Madagascar.

Local partner: Caritas Madagascar
Project code: 6RR 00
Donor: FCP project
Project status: Post-intervention
Background Information:Background information:

For the financial year 2017-18, with the FCP project, WaterAid and its local partner, Caritas Madagascar worked in the Bongolava region. We have been working in two communes. In Bevato commune, we have been working in five villages and Beanamamy is one of them.
Beanamamay is a small and isolated village which belongs to the Ambohibary Fokontany (Fokontany is the lowest administration level in Madagascar) in the rural commune of Bevato, which is in the district of Tsiroanomandidy in the Bongolava region.
In this area like everywhere in Madagascar, the “omby” or zebu has a very important role in the local culture. It is a symbol of wisdom.
Small scale farming and agriculture, dominated by rice cultivation, is the main livelihood of the local population of Beanamamy.
The community in this area used to struggle because of the water they had to drink. Women and girls used to fetch water from a small river which animals also use but now things are completely different as they have clean running water and toilets in their village.
Project Information:Project information:
During this financial year 2017-18, due to the financing of the FCP project, WaterAid Madagascar and local partner, Caritas, were able to keep working in the Bongolava region and especially at Sabine’s village and the surrounding areas.
Before the project, people in Sabine’s village, Beanamamy, used to fetch water from a small river down the hill which animals also use. There were a very few dirty latrines in the village, but now every household has a self-built latrine with a suspended bottle filled with water for handwashing.
According to Sabine and the local community, WaterAid's intervention in Beanamamy has contributed to improving their health status and has helped them to have better living conditions.
Villagers in Beanamamy have contributed to the project through their labour and are now taking over all the maintenance and activities to sustain these positive changes in term of water, sanitation and hygiene.
Gravity scheme technology is used to provide clean running water to the 390 villagers of Beanamamy village. WaterAid has installed two water points in Sabine’s village – one in the north in the centre of the village, nearby Sabine’s house, and one in the southern part of the village, about 100 metres away from the first one. There is also another one in the small hamlet south of the village.

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